BUT such a small word but so much a part of our conversations. It is a conjunction used to indicate the impossibility of anything other that what was stated… It is a preposition meaning other than… It is an adverb meaning only and simple…

How many times a day do we use the word, BUT… I need to get up and pray, BUT, I'm tired. I need to read my Bible and study BUT, my eyes hurt. I could have gone to Wednesday prayer service BUT, I had other things pressing to do. I need to invite that person to Church BUT, I'm afraid they will reject me. I need to fast for revival, BUT, it gives me headache and I can't go to work. I know I didn't need to miss a service BUT, they are asking me to work overtime and my family needs the money. Think about this ~What if Jesus had said; I need to die on Calvary for the sins of the people BUT, I don't want to suffer. I could pour out my Spirit on all flesh BUT, they might reject me. I need to bless that family BUT, they can make it without me. I could heal that person BUT, they haven't asked me. BUT, I am so glad Jesus didn't give in to His feelings. He loved us and while we were yet sinners gave His all. The scripture says in Phil. 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me." The Holy Ghost can change our BUT I CAN"T to BUT I CAN DO IT. If we will let it. We only have to be strong and of good courage in Jesus Name.

Carol Alexander



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