Hope - Expectation, trust, confidence, expectation of what is sure (certain).

One definition of hope in the Bible is a cord (as an attachment)...a literal rope. That word is the one used in Jeremiah 31:17. “And there is hope in thine end,” saith the Lord , “that thy children shall come again to their own border.” This verse speaks of God's desire for restoration. The modern connotation for the word hope is a chance happening, kind of like winning the lottery. Not so in the bible. Hope is a tangible rope tied to a desired outcome.

Further study of the background of this word explains it as “the binding together by twisting” and references Genesis 1:9 where the waters were gathered together by God in creation. The power of God and His Sovereignty over the orchestration of events in our lives can full well bring into being any outcome that we wrap our cord of hope around

according to His will. Child of God, when we pray according to His will for restoration, we wrap a tangible rope of hope around an expected outcome. God has the power to bring it to pass in His perfect time. Don't surrender your hope! Wrap it like a rope!

Tammie Daigle



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