A Day of Remembrance

Over the holiday weekend, many Americans will camp, boat, fish, hike, and grill with family and friends. Of course, Memorial Day isn’t just an excuse for a three-day weekend, it’s also a time to remember the men and women who have sacrificed so much so that we can have the freedom to pursue happiness and live in a safe, secure place. However, for those of who have served, and the families of those who did not come home, it is so much more than a three-day weekend. Memorial Day to us is a somber day of remembrance. It is a day to honor the ultimate sacrifice so many of our brothers and sisters in arms have made for this exceptional nation. To remember this country was founded — and kept secure by the sacrifice of men & women. Men and women who’ve heeded the call to stand the ramparts and defend all that we hold dear: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These great warriors filled our lives and sacrificed everything to ensure we sleep peacefully at night under the protective blanket of freedom they helped provide.

It’s with honor and gratitude we remember those that gave all.



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