Abundant Blessings

What a loving God and Father! A mighty God, able to do exceeding and abundantly above all we can even think to ask! His thoughts toward us are so magnificent, and when we embrace them oh how the world we live in will be transformed. It's hard at times to understand how much He loves us especially for those conditioned to beat themselves up for any and every little failure. When we shift that thinking to one that says God wants to pour out blessings on every little thing we get right, every time we obey without complete understanding, every time we draw close to Him and let His presence melt and mold and change and transform. He wants to pour out blessings every time we make a sacrifice, every time we go the extra mile for Him or for others, He will pour out a blessing. Not to have blessings for the blessings themselves but to bless others, to pay it forward. We are His storehouses through which His blessings flow into the world around us. He wants to open the floodgates and pour out so much there is no room to keep it and we get to share and pour His blessings into others because our storehouses are overflowing! What a mighty God we serve!

Vera Cross



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