An Army of Andrews!

Have you ever just pondered how different the disciples were? These 12 men came from different places, had different jobs, had different temperaments and personalities, yet they all had a purpose in the Kingdom of God. So often we become fixated on the most popular or more zealous of the disciples. Instead, I began to think about the ones we don’t talk about as much, particularly Andrew. He is not mentioned much in the Bible but when he is mentioned, it really isn’t earth-shattering. There were only 3 things that stuck out to me. Andrew was with John when he baptized Jesus and immediately followed Him with no question or hesitation. The first thing Andrew did after following Jesus was introduce his brother Simon Peter to Jesus, the same Peter who preached Acts 2:38 on the Day of Pentecost. Secondly, he was the one to bring the lad with the fishes and loaves to Jesus, which became one of the most talked about miracles in the Bible. Lastly, he brought certain Greeks to Jesus after the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem. You may wonder why those things stand out to me. Very simply, Andrew was a bringer. He brought people to Jesus. Andrew was not what many would call a “famous” disciple, but he was an amazing example to the modern day church. I don’t need to be a Peter or John, but Lord, if I am to be like one of your disciples, make me an Andrew. Make me a bringer. I pray that an army of Andrews would inundate this area and bring people to Jesus. You may bring another Peter to Jesus or the little boy who holds a miracle in his lunchbox. Sis. Heather Zedlitz



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