This word really stood out to me one day when I was reading the Bible. BEHOLD. It just wouldn't leave me. I looked up the definition and it was to see or observe. Don't worry...Behold. Don't stress...Behold. Don't fear...Behold. Why can we look at the sky and behold His creation? When we look at the ocean and everything in it, and we are

beholding His mighty works. But we have a hard time looking at our situations and beholding that God is working for us. It is good to look around you and behold His glory BUT we need to start praying that we can behold Him in our lives. Why is it so easy for to hear the word behold and think... Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. But I need to be saying...Behold the Lamb of God which does mighty works in Dawn Yancy's life. He is working in our situations we just need to behold Him. See Him. To behold Him working in your life you must trust that He is. I pray this week that we can truly behold Him in whatever situation we face.

Dawn Yancy



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