Biblical Motherhood from a Child’s Perspective

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

We see many mothers represented in the Bible. As we look through scripture we see them working as advocates for their children. Whether it be by dedicating them back to God like

Hannah or by saying “all is well” like the Shunammite woman when her child had just passed away; they show incredible faith in our mighty God. Jochebed was faced with the choice to act or not to act. Not acting meant the certain death of her son and acting meant

sending her child into the Nile River and trusting God would deliver him. However, God had bigger plans than just delivering Moses from the Nile River. God used Jochebed’s

faith to deliver a nation out of bondage. Naomi was faced with the loss of her husband and sons in a foreign land. Ruth, her daughter-in-law, was not raised in the teachings of God, but was looking for someone to trust and follow. She cleaved to her mother-in-law. Through teaching and discipling from Naomi, Ruth came to place her faith and trust in God and He used that faith to place Ruth in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Mothers, the faith and trust you place in God is so important. God uses the faith of mothers to bring about amazing things for His Kingdom. From the Samuels out there who grew up in God’s house, and the children who have received healings because of the prayers of their mothers, we say thank you. For the sacrifices you made and for the things that you have taught us, we say thank you. Keep the faith because God has big plans for it.

Contributed by Sarah Draper



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