Building Stones of Memorials!

After the Lord had parted the Jordan River for the children of Israel to pass over, God had chosen 12 men to carry stones on their shoulder (must have been larger stones) to the other side of Jordan. These were to be placed as a memorial. Joshua 4:7 These stones shall be for a memorial unto the children of Israel for ever. Whenever a Mom took her daughter to the river to wash clothes, or a Dad took a son to the river to fish and they asked, “ Wonder what the pile of rocks are.” They would be able to say to their son or daughter, “Let me tell you what God did for us and how he parted these waters so we could get across the large river!” We are living in a time where everyone is wanting to erase history and remove monuments. We need to go back to the stones we have collected in our walk with God and revisit that time when maybe it was a car wreck that God allowed you to collect a stone by bring you out alive. Maybe it was a stone of cancer that should have drowned you, but God brought you out completely restored. Maybe we need to go back to the very time that you picked up that first stone of repentance and baptism. Thank God for all the stones that we have collected and the memorials we have built in our walk with God. We must never tear down our Memorial! Covid-19 is just another stone to add to our memorial!

Sharlotte Pate



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