Carry Each Other's Burden

We are stronger when we carry each other’s burdens. I am so thankful for the truth in that statement. And I see it so wonderfully exemplified in the account of Mary and Elizabeth in the gospel of Luke. Elizabeth: “advanced in years” and well established in her marriage and community. Mary: a betrothed young woman just launching out. And yet they find themselves in similar situations; pregnant with a promise from God. They are both worried about the response of those around them to their pregnancies. Elizabeth hides herself for five months and Mary goes “with haste” away from her home. She visits Elizabeth. When these two women of God greet each other, Elizabeth is immediately filled with the Holy Spirit and loudly speaks a blessing over Mary. In return Mary begins to sing a song of praise and worship to God. God was in the process of mightily using both of these women individually. And in doing so, when they got together, God was able to work through them to strengthen each other in a time of need. They did this by speaking out the great things of God and worshiping together. And we can do the same with those around us. Jesus, let our willing hearts be joined together and find Your strength as we carrying each other’s burdens. Sarah Draper

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