El Roi - The God who sees me.

In Genesis 16: 13-14 we see Hagar alone hiding from Sara. Sara had sent Abraham into Hagar because she could not conceive a child and she decided to make things happen her way. Then afterward Sara hated Hagar. No where in the story do you see where Hagar asked for any of this. So we find her alone, confused and scared because

something out of her control had put her in a position she never even wanted. I started thinking about how sometimes things come into ours lives that we never saw coming. We sure didn't want them. We find ourselves in the same place as Hagar. Maybe it is a person that made a decision that got you in this situation and now they are turning it on you. Maybe you made a bad decision and you are mad at your self. All you can see is loneliness and confusion. You are scared because you can't see a way out. There is hope! The angel of the Lord found Hagar and gave her promises.

The translation in Hebrew in the verse El Roi- The God who sees me. This is the only verse where El Roi is used. We have a God who sees you! When we are in situations we didn't see coming...God sees you. When your friends or family have turned on you...God sees you. When you are in a place of confusion and fear… God sees you. You are not alone!

Sis. Dawn Yancy



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