In our lives we all want to feel favored by someone. Favor is feeling approval, support, approbation, esteem, goodwill, and kindness. But there is sometimes we don't feel favored. We feel alone, not fitting in, loved or wanted. We don't see any good, value, or worth in us or in others. Favor is a really big deal in humanity. We get to busy looking at the bad, the wrong and the ugly. When we are looking or being looked at like this we let or allow the devil to come in and overtake our minds which in many cases causes depression, anxiety and etc. Then we start believing his lies. If you look in Colossians and Genesis we are created in Gods' image. We are His children. He made us. We all have faults and hang-ups because we are not perfect. So why not as a family find favor in others, just as God found favor in us. Reach out to those who suffer. Lift each other up. Often times the devil will try to attack us when we are alone. Lift yourself up. If you have to stand still in front of a mirror just to see yourself, find the good in you. Our minds can be the devils playground, if we allow it. We need to restore, renew, refresh and revive. No matter the circumstances, we must break the strongholds and tear down those walls of ugly and evil. We must pray for everything then we will have less to worry about. We need to show honor, glory, and praise to our Father in everything we do. Get a new mindset and focus on the Lord and let Him take control.

Carol Wilson



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