Flip the Switch On!

If you’re anything like me, you love science! I remember when I was in fourth grade and my teacher brought out some equipment for a new activity during our science class. On each desk, she placed wires, a light bulb, a battery, and a switch. She began to teach us about series circuits and how when everything is connected properly, the power in the battery can flow through the wires to light up the light bulb when the switch is on. Let’s apply this to us. Imagine God as our battery; the ultimate source of power. We are the wires which electricity (power) can flow through. Think of the light bulb as our relationship with God. Finally, imagine the switch being our God-given free will. Without our flipping on the switch, power cannot flow through us to the light bulb. Nor can it flow through us if we are attempting to get power from the world (a dead battery). As Christians, we must first make sure that we are connected to the right power source. If we are not in relationship with the correct source, our light will not shine. Second, just as a white flag is raised in surrender, we move our switch to the “on” position. If we are not surrendering to God, then we are not allowing His power to flow through us and work in our lives. So today, I ask you: What source are you connected to? Are you allowing electricity to flow through you, or is your switch in the “off” position?

Sis. Amy Riggle



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