Great is Our Lord!

Psalm 147:5 (RSV) Great is our Lord, and abundant in power, His understanding is beyond measure. Our God has all power. He can do anything He wants to do. In addition to His abundant power, God’s understanding is beyond measure. There is no end to His understanding. As humans, our understanding is limited and runs out, and many

times we just don't know what to do. However, God never feels that way. He ALWAYS knows what to do! These are two awe-inspiring attributes of God. Knowing these two things about Him, makes me feel extremely secure in trusting everything I have and all that I am to Him. God has the power to do anything and everything. At the same time, His understanding is beyond measure. God never lacks the power to take care of a situation, and He never lacks the understanding of how it should be done.These are areas that I fall short in many times. I don’t always know what to do, and I often don't have the power to do what needs to be done. I don’t always have the understanding to process life’s challenges, and many times I am powerless to act. I am so thankful that I don't have to rely on my

limited abilities! I have a God who is abundant in power and His understanding is beyond measure! He always knows exactly what I need, and He has the power to make it happen!

I can fully trust in my God!

Sis. Dena Draper



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