He Understands Me!!

I'm so totally in awe of my Heavenly Father!! His Glory is magnificent, His lovingkindness and long-suffering keep me and protect me!! His body in the earth holds up my arms in the weariness of the battle. His priests, my brothers, my sisters, minister to me and encourage me every single step of the journey. He's never forsaken me, He's never stopped working on me. Even when I just wanted to sit under the juniper tree and die, even when I hid in the cave because of those who sought to take my life, even when the magnitude of the pain caused me to never want to speak of Him ever again, HE UNDERSTOOD ME and He never left me nor did He allow me to give up. People, we are NOT in this alone!! You are NEVER alone! Even if you decide you'd rather go to hell, He is still there with you, pouring out mercy and compassion upon you. He is NOT giving up on you, He LOVES you too much to just let you go. He is fighting for you still today!! What a Mighty God we serve with in these last days, that we work with in these end time harvest fields, as we watch every cloud for His Return!! Just had to brag on my God, His Church and His Love for US all!!

Vera Cross



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