I Am Reminded....

Sometimes what I “see” speaks volumes to me! In a simple moment of driving down the road and seeing such a magnificent sight I am reminded of things that get lost in negativity, fear, sadness and worry. I am reminded that I serve a mighty, wonder-working God that isn’t the least bit surprised or shaken up by the things of this world. I am reminded that if He isn’t then I don’t have to be either; HE is my example! I am reminded to take every thought captive that doesn’t line up to His Word. I am reminded that He did not give me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind! I am reminded that my help, strength and joy come from Him. I reminded that His promises are yes and amen! I am reminded that He cares about my needs, “my” people, the secret cares of my heart and the burdens that I have to keep letting Him handle. I am reminded that He is not too busy, distracted or fed up to hear me cry out to Him again. I am reminded that He loves me and I am important to Him. I am reminded that He really is all I need and He is the answer to all! Amy Paige

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