Keep Holding On!!!

In Matt. 14 scripture says that Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a boat and go ahead of him to the other side of the sea. You know the story of how the wind and the waves began to come against those men as they endeavored to obey the word of the Lord. They found themselves facing major resistance. No progress it seemed was being made. But I submit to you, as long as they persisted in rowing, as long as they continued in their attempt to do the will of God, there was not a wind that could pack enough velocity, there was not a wave that could stack water high enough, to keep them from their God ordained destination. And in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went unto them walking on and speaking to the very things that were trying their best to destroy them. Brothers and sisters, get ready, get ready, get ready! You have a word from the Lord, a divine destiny, but in the middle of your attempt to see the promise through to completion, you are facing resistance. Struggle has become a close companion. Your peace of mind is being challenged. The wind is blowing contrary to you, and waves are threatening to pull you under. Don’t you dare give up! When God gives you a word, there is not a situation, trial, circumstance, nor enough demonic power that can keep your God given promise from coming to pass. You just hold on and Jesus will come through for you just as he did for those disciples then. He will speak peace to you and you just stand and watch as he fulfills his word in your life. The disciples made it to the other side and so will you!

Pastor Littlefield



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