My Promise!

Where you view your promise from matters. This year God has really been speaking to me about my perspective of my promises. This was one of the lessons He has taught me. Numbers 32:5, 7, 32 I believe in, I pray for, I speak, and I fight for my promises. Or do I? Yes, I believe God spoke a promise…didn’t He…doubt. I pray…sure…ok, well maybe I just beg…lack of faith. I speak my promises but not always in praise and thankfulness. Usually, it is as I try to defend words spoken, as I battle my own mind or when I see no evidence… discouragement. I fight but not standing knowing the victory is mine, but rather in fear that it may never happen for me…bitterness. How can I know what God spoke and faith still fade? Here’s how. As time goes on and discouragement sets in, I set up camp back across the Jordan. I put my tent up and anchored it down with doubt, discouragement, lack of faith and bitterness. God never intended for me to go back there but I did. What must I do?

I must pull those anchors up and leave it behind for good! I must anchor myself in the promise with faith, praise, trust and love; deciding to never go back across the Jordan,

I don’t belong there. That place was robbing me of God’s purpose, plan and promise! No more! I must walk in the place God has brought me!

Amy Paige



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