Oh, How He Loves Us!!

I must share. The AC went out a couple weeks ago, and I came home from church, and walked in the front door to a 100+ degrees. I decided to change and spend the rest of the day outside piddling in the yard. I walked out, feeling a little down, and saw my rose bush was covered in dead dried roses, so I turned and went back inside to locate my scissors. I found them and returned to the back door, and when I stepped outside I was hit with a breeze and then realized there was a rain shower falling across my backyard... my yard and one neighbor's yard ONLY. I have a large tree over my back door, so I didn't realize it was raining at first. Soon after it had dropped from 87 to 66 degrees. I was then really enjoying my backyard time since I was "piddling" under my very large oak tree enjoying the sprinkles here and there and the COOL breeze. Later I looked up into that big oak tree and realized there was a large balloon stuck up high. It was a heart with a small heart on each side. In large letters on the front it read "I LOVE YOU". Well I had already been thanking God for the cool breeze and rain shower (large gray cloud over my backyard and my neighbors'). Then my neighbor came over to check on me. I explained the AC and he ask about my car and he went home, and I went back to piddling. Some time later he came back and said, " My wife and I prayed about this,” as he handed me money, "and we feel the Lord wants us to give you this.” Well by now I'm almost in tears, and I accept on the condition they take it back when I get it. In the middle of a hot fiery day God stepped into the fire with me. What a Wonderful God!! His very presence cooled the fire! And yes, my AC is fixed, but I just want to tell you; He will never leave you in the fire alone!!

Vera Cross



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