Praise Report!!

Since I was 13 I have been battling with multiple mental illnesses, suicidal ideation, and self harm. I was always ashamed of myself and could never find purpose in my life. I started to try to fill this hole in my spirit with bad friends and worldly things. It wasn’t until this years NAYC when I was healed spiritually and mentally on Thursday night. I declared that I AM FREE!! Satan no longer has power over my mind and my spirit. When you completely surrender yourself to God you stop worrying about things of your past. Instead of trying to find who I wanted to be I am pursuing who GOD wants me to be.

“You’ve been searching for happiness, but you can find all the happiness you need through me.”

God has healed all my sorrow and pain. I used to think I had to bleed my sorrow and sin out, but now I realize I have a God who did that for me on the cross. I am free. Healed. Delivered. I am a proud Apostolic Pentecostal and let me tell you, dancing for the Lord is one of the best things. Hallelujah.

Bethany Dearing



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