Puzzle Pieces

As humans we tend to focus on the immediate. Yet all the while, God is orchestrating the entirety of our lives, using specific details, specific people, specific words and even specific circumstances. Have you ever sat down and worked on a puzzle? When I sit down to work on a puzzle, I usually start with separating the edge pieces and then focus on grouping the like colors together. I might even get sidetracked and find myself working on the groups of colors and then going back working on the original puzzle within itself. I can be going along working and finding each particular piece and then get so hung up searching and trying to fit pieces into the puzzle that don't fit together. Still all the while searching for the one special piece of the puzzle that smoothly fits into its designed spot of the whole picture. I literately will sometimes spend hours searching and trying to fit different pieces into that one particular spot while all the while knowing that one of those pieces will fit eventually. How many have been there? We tend to look at one piece of the puzzle and even at times find ourselves getting hung up looking at that one particular piece, while God sees the whole picture as well as the detailed specifics within each piece. We sometimes tend to see things in black and white, while God see things in panoramic color. He creates each of us with a plan, for a purpose, and an assigned place. Just as the individual members of our physical body have a specific role to play, so do the members of the body of Christ. According to Jeremiah 29:11, we have an expected end. God created each of us with our expected end in mind. Kim Zedlitz



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