Running This Race

I had a strange dream the other night. In the dream my Dad was running, which is true to the way he lived his life pushing forward no matter what he faced. I woke up this morning with the words "keep running, don't give up, just keep running" going through my mind. I had been struggling with some life issues lately and had asked Jesus to take care of them when I went to bed that night. As Dad ran I kept asking him to slow down as I felt so tired. He'd look over his shoulder and say, "come on Baby you can do this, there isn't much time left, you must finish this race, don't quit, just keep running," then he faded into the atmosphere. The Message Monday night encouraged me to "just keep running." When we look at who and what Jesus is to humanity our finite minds cannot fully grasp His greatness. In our "Running this Race” of serving Jesus we may trip or stumble or hit a pot hole in the road, but we must not fear as Jesus is Running with us. He will catch us and pick us up so we can "just keep running." If we stay faithful to Jesus we will be delivered from the enemy in the end. So let's keep communication flowing between us and our Savior Jesus Christ. Heb.12:1-3. Run the Race with patience. Song: "I am not alone, I am not alone. You will go before me, you will never leave me."

Kathryn Carter



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