The Measure of Faith!

In Matthew, Jesus gave a parable about talents to show us that we will be held accountable for how we use and grow our talent(s). Romans 12:3 tells us God entrusted us with the "measure of faith".

We've all exercised faith and, as a church, believed God, witnessing the miraculous. We've seen the lame pushing out their wheelchair,doctors shaking their heads when documented cancers could no longer be found, and countless financial miracles. Through faith we have watched God do many great things FOR US. During revival, Rev. Tes Stewart posed this question. Where is the faith that says, I've got enough faith to believe that I could do something great FOR GOD. In studying "the measure of faith" I discovered some commentators believe that "measure" is not meant as a small, medium, or large but rather "diverse ministries" given by God to each member of the body. With that in mind, how "MUCH" faith doesn't really apply. Only the question, is it being exercised? God measured out the talents, the different ministries, to each one as he desired so let's trust what God measured out to each one of us and cultivate and grow what was placed in our care.

Vera Cross



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