The Right Place At The Right Time

A few weeks ago, I was out running errands after work. I was tired and hungry and needed to stop at the grocery store. I decided to run into a store that I’m not familiar with because it was on the way to my next stop and would save me some time. The store was set up in a way that made no sense at all and I couldn’t find the few things I was looking for. It took forever. By the time I paid and got back to my car, I was still tired, still hungry and now also frustrated. I wasn’t paying attention to anything around me, just got in and started to back out. Suddenly I noticed that the truck next to me had the hood up. It didn’t register to help, because what do I know about fixing a truck?? But then I saw that the driver was a very elderly man and his wife was next to him. He was obviously aggravated with his cell phone and having a rough time. I put my car in park, and asked him if he needed to use my jumper cables (the only help I knew to offer!). He was surprised at the offer and said yes. We talked for a while and Amanda Kennedy actually walked out of the store and joined us. I was able to invite him to church and discovered that he has visited here before. He got in his truck to leave, then got out and came back to us and said “you two have renewed my faith in people in this country”. A trip that was supposed to be quick and fit into my schedule turned into a opportunity to talk to someone about Jesus. If I had been able to rush in and out of the store, I probably wouldn’t have been there when the man needed assistance. How many times do we get aggravated when things don’t go according to plan, without even realize that it’s possible that God is putting us in the right place at the right time. Sometimes, we may not ever realize that it happened. Maybe the drive through took 15 minutes to give you a drink…we don’t know that there wasn’t an accident down the road that God protected you from. Possibly a random person that you never think about comes to your mind and you feel the need to pray, not knowing that at that second they were facing a life changing situation. Instead of griping when things are inconvenient or aggravating, it would be good sometimes just to stop and see if God is trying to put us in the right place at the right time for Him to work for us and through us.

Becky Pate



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