The Storm is Gone

Awakening to an incredible silence, a calm, that captured my attention, I got up and began to search out what I was feeling. In a moment these words walked across my mind,

"The Storm Is Gone."

Tears flowed as I thanked God and began to pray, to pray without the "noise" of battle, in sweet communion with God alone. I opened His Word and my eyes rested on these study notes in Isaiah about God's holiness. "God is highly exalted above all his creatures. His moral

perfection stands in contrast to evil people and nations. God is perfect and sinless in all his motives and actions, so he is in perfect control of his power, judgment, love, and mercy." How reassuring to know our Father's actions flow from perfect motives. There will not always be storms and there will not always be calm, however, there will always be a holy God who only moves and acts with moral perfection. And whether that move is love, mercy,

or judgment, it is perfect and meant to prosper us in whatever goal or vision his will has led us into. So, we can be assured that each storm, whether out of his perfect will or man's imperfect motives is judged and handled by a holy and perfect God with plans to prosper so that none should perish but that all should come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Lord. We are kept when we value God's perfect motives and thoughts toward us. So whether storm or calm, we are loved and judged by a morally perfect God. His judgments are perfect and they are always FOR me, always FOR YOU!

Vera Cross



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