TODAY - is your Day!

Did you come today needing a touch? Are you not where you want to be with God? Have you been struggling in your life? If we all had a sign on us today, you would know you are not alone. You would know that there are many standing only a few feet from you that are in the same place. The circumstances and emotions may be different but the need for Jesus to touch you is the same. You are not alone, and Jesus is here to do a specific work in each

of us today. Maybe this is your first time? He has something for you today! Maybe you are a member who has been struggling? He has something for you today! Maybe you have been away from Him for a while? He has something for you today! Not only does Jesus have something for you today but it can change your life today. We don’t have to be better

for it to work because He is what makes us better. Our very next moment, thought, and action can become better if we allow Him to do the work in us that He wants to do. Does this mean we will walk away perfect? No! It means we will walk away changed by Almighty God and can continue to let Him work in our lives. Allow Him to change you, touch you, work in you today. He loves you today, just the way you came!

Amy Paige



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