Trust God!!!

I take notes in my Bible. I know some people have a conviction about that, but I do not. I was not even thinking about writing a devotion when I saw a note that inspired this devotion. It said “Be Brave. Trust God.” It was next to Daniel 3:16-18, the scripture about the 3 Hebrew boys in the court of Nebuchadnezzar and they were telling the king as respectfully, but as bluntly as they could that they would not deny their God or bow to the image that the king had set up. If God saves us, or if He doesn’t, we are still going to praise Him, honor Him and respect Him even if it means our death, is basically what they said. Now, we all know the end of the story, where they walked out of that fire unharmed but they did not know what would happen when they made this great stand. They simply and blindly trusted God, having faith that He would have His will, believing His will would be best. For us, we can learn something from their example. We can be brave and trust God to make our own stand in the courts of our day, be they political or public opinion. It is required of us to stand, be brave, and trust God. It is far from easy because we don’t know the outcome, but God has a plan and it is good. So let me encourage you, be brave and trust God.

Lindsay Brown



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