Trust Me Enough to Walk With Me!

In Mark, the Bible talks about a man named Jairus with a daughter that was sick . He came to Jesus and asked him to heal her. So Jesus begins to walk with him to go heal his daughter, but along the way the woman with the issue of blood touches his garment. As we all know, Jesus stops to heal this women, and while Jesus was doing this, a messenger came and told Jairus that his daughter had died. I know at this point if it was me I would be asking God ,”Why did you stop?” “Why didn’t you answer my prayer like you had said you would ?” I’m sure Jairus was doing the same thing. “If you hadn’t of stopped Jesus, you could have healed my daughter!” But the point of this story wasn’t just that Jesus was going to heal his daughter. It was Jesus asking Jairus to trust him. When Jesus heard the news he turned to Jairus and said, “Be not afraid; only believe.” In other words, what Jesus was saying is: “Don’t panic! I got this !” Sometimes in situations in our lives, God is telling us not to panic and trust him. Even when we feel it is too late to be fixed. He still just asks us to trust him. We all know how the story ends.

So God is asking you this......

Do you Trust Me Enough to Walk With Me? – I can resurrect your marriage even though it appears to be dead.

Do you Trust Me Enough to Walk With Me? – Your situation may look dead and hopeless, but if you walk with me...

Do you Trust Me Enough to Walk With Me? – Whatever your eyes see it is not your ultimate reality.

Do you Trust Me Enough to Walk With Me? – Jesus has another plan for you and your family.

Do you Trust Me Enough to Walk With Me? – Don’t Panic, Don’t Give Up, Don’t Throw in the Towel, Don’t lose your Faith!

Don’t Trust your eyes – Walk by Faith!

Amanda Winchell



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