Trust & Obey

One of my favorite hymns is Trust and Obey, this hymn sums up Gods purpose in

our lives. “Trust and obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, is to trust

and obey ". You never know what may come your way... it maybe trouble on your

job, financial woes, family strife, bad news from your doctor. We all have experienced

some or all of these issues at times. If you have not, just hold on, your time is coming

at some point. When your circumstances seem unreasonable you have two options -

you can trust God completely, or you can become fearful and look for a way out. One

thing is sure, obedience is always the best choice because our loving father can be

trusted. He already knows the outcome of each and every circumstance. Putting your

complete trust in the Lord makes obedience easier and obedience produces ever

increasing trust!

Kathy Kelley



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