Under God's Umbrella

When wind and rain collide, most people start to scatter and seek shelter. Shelter is what makes all the difference! Once under the protection of shelter, we can appreciate the beauty in the storm. The strong winds, colors painted across the sky, the quick flashes of lighting and the power of a thunderous roar. Take shelter out of the equation, and only chaos remains. Whatever beauty that’s found in the storm is lost as we feel the cold rain pounding down or heavy mud in our shoes. A spiritual storm is similar. God allows the storm, and He provides the shelter. In the chaos, without shelter, the roaring thunder and the swirling winds often steal our focus. We don’t listen for His voice telling us where to go and what to do. While we may find a sense of shelter on our own, only He can stop the rain. Only when we call on Him and we’re still, can we hear His voice. He will clear the clouds, give light, and show us the way. Jesus is Lord of all, even of the storms. Why be fearful? Where is our faith? (Matthew 8:26) He arose, rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm. He will do it again! If you’re in the middle of a spiritual storm, be encouraged that He can and will bring you through it. If someone close to you is experiencing a storm of their own, be willing to share your umbrella.

Cari Goodrich



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