Who will answer the Call?

Does anybody realize just how great our God is? He is incredible! He is awesome! There are no words to describe Jesus. We had church in my house tonight. God is working and while we may not see it and we may not feel it, but that’s ok because what does the Bible say? The Bible says we walk by faith and not by sight, so even when we can't see him or feel him, Jesus is still working. I want to specifically speak to my brothers and sisters from Tyler Tabernacle. We keep waiting for someone else, but God says who will go, who will be my hands and my feet? We are to have a childlike faith. When you have a group of kids and the leader says “I need a volunteer” what happens? Every one of the kids will raise their hand and say "oh, pick me". When God says “who will go”, what do we do? We start looking around for someone else. Well, why not you? It is time! God is asking "who is going to speak, who is going to be my hands, who is going to be my feet?" Why not become like a little childlike and say "Oh pick me, pick me! I'll do it, I'll go," or how about this one "I can do what you ask." We say things like I can't and we stop but the sentence isn't finished. It actually goes I can't, but God! It's not possible, but God! We can't, but God can. It's impossible for us, but God specializes in that. Be encouraged!!

Contributed by Randa Brown



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