You Are Possible!!

You can determine the kind of faith a person has by the size of their dreams. True believers dream bigger and aim higher, for they know the size of the God they serve. If you want to accomplish amazing things and experience all that life has to offer, you must set enormous almost to insanity goals for yourself. This then allows God to work miracles, that He is so willing to do. Don’t set your goals to your own abilities. Set your goals in accordance with the God you serve. We should know that, all things are possible with God. So if you are aligned with Him, if your aligned with His principles, you are blessed and unstoppable. The word says, “Now to Him that is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us”. That means that everything that you are needing to accomplish your dream, is already inside you. That’s the power, it’s already in you! When you gain revelation, to that power that is in you, there is not a wall, there is not an obstacle, there is not a mountain too high, that can stand in your way. When you believe that kind of way, and you serve that kind of God, you are blessed and unstoppable! You have been granted through grace, the power and authority, to accomplish your divine assignment. He has placed seeds of greatness in each one of us, and with that anointing, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Tony Carrillo



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